What Are the Top Reasons for Resume Rejection?

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Each year millions of candidates around the world face rejections on their job applications. On average, employers usually spend around ten seconds on a resume before they decide to keep it or bin it. While many candidates spend time on improving and editing their resumes, few consider the reasons which lead to rejection. 

To help you understand your mistakes, we have curated here the top reasons that lead to resume rejections:

Gap Between Opening And Your Resume

Most people often create a standard resume and send it for all the job openings that they come across. This is the first red flag. While having a standard resume is good, sending it without edits as per the job requirements increases the likeliness of rejection. It also creates a gap between what the employer wants and what you are offering.

Even if you do not possess the relevant experience for a job, present your existing skills in a way that appeals to the employer. You may also write about career trainingsLinks to an external site. and the like.  Keep your focus not on what you have done but on what you can do as a part of their team. Tailoring your resumeLinks to an external site. as per the specific post and adding the relevant keywords also increases the chances of getting noticed by employers.

Employment Gaps

While short breaks between your jobs are explicable, a gap that exceeds a year may raise the hiring manager’s brows. But that does not mean you should give up trying to restart your career. You simply have to be smart about the way you present it. For instance, if you spend that time on some personal goal, you can add that to your resume too.

You may also add the hobbies and skills that you have picked up in that time frame. Remember, employers, love variety in their team. So, try to present that through your resume.

Sparse List of Accomplishments

Many of the people, who are taking their first step in the professional world, end up making this one mistake. While they list plenty of things that they have done or can do, 

They often miss out on what they have accomplished in the process. Employers love to see accomplishments in place of a boring list of things you can do. 

You may also be interested to read about some interesting ways in which you can create a perfect resumeLinks to an external site.

No Typos and Errors

Typos and errors are a big no for every resume. If your employer comes across spelling errors in your resume, they will immediately bin your application. Typos also make the resumes look high unprofessional and create a very bad impression for you in front of your employers. So, it is absolutely necessary for you to go through several rounds of proofreading so that you eliminate even the slightest chances of error. If you are not confident about your writing or editing skills, going through these ways of creating a resume through a resume builder can also be very helpful for you.

We hope now that you know the reasons that lead to rejection, you can be extra cautious and get the results that you have been looking for.  

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